How To: Create Mario power up mushroom pouches

Create Mario power up mushroom pouches

How to create Mario power up mushroom pouches in six easy steps. Use cardboard as a template. Fold peach felt in half and cut around the template. Cut half circle out while holding template and felt in place. Make a mushroom head template for the mushroom caps/tops. Fold red felt in half to cut around the edges. (Do same for the green mushroom). Make a circle template to use as the spots. Use white felt for the spots and start following the template. Use black felt for the eyes and start to put all the pieces together. Measure out 30" to 40" of ribbon. Line up ends and tie a knot. Apply glue to the adjoined area of the mushroom cap and stick the ribbon. Use white acrylic paint to make a small dot inside both eyes.

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this is sooo cool u got one for the poison mushroom?

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