How To: Throw a bachelor party

Throw a bachelor party

So, your buddy's getting married and it's time for that age-old tradition the "bachelor party". Make sure the party goes off with out a hitch by remembering the goal is to have fun and not to ruin the wedding, get a DUI or destroy the reputation of your friends. Plan accordingly.

Throw a bachelor party that everyone will be sure to remember. At least, parts of it.

You Will Need

* Schedule
* Guest list
* Budget
* Location
* Entertainment
* Camera
* Car service (optional)

Step 1: Schedule

Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.

Step 2: Invite friends and family

Invite the groom's male friends and relatives.

Step 3: Set up a budget

Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.

Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.

Step 4: Pick the location

Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.

Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.

Step 5: Plan activities

Plan the evening so that there's never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.

Step 6: Have fun

Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but don't let it get too out of control.

Step 7: Take pictures

Take lots of pictures at the party, but don't take pictures of anything too incriminating.

Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.

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