How To: Organize an Oktoberfest Party

Organize an Oktoberfest Party

If you're planning to hold a party this October, what better event to model your event after than Oktoberfest? The German beer festival began in Bavaria, Germany in 1810 to celebrate a royal marriage. Since then, it has been celebrated annually by millions of attendees these past decades and has spread throughout the world. Of course, Oktoberfest would not come to be without the beer. 

If you're planning to organize a  beer celebration to cap off the week, here's a short how-to for you:

Step 1

Setup a guest list for your party. It's best to know the number of guests who will be attending you event so you'd be able to prepare appropriately. Taking into account the number of people your venue can accommodate, you'll have to check your logistics –beer kegs, tables, chairs, and food.

Step 2

Prepare an assortment of German dishes for your party. Sauerkraut, bratwursts, and pretzels are snacks that go well with beer. Refer to a local cookbook or check online and learn how to prepare German food to keep in line with your Oktoberfest theme.

Step 3

Setup your venue. Use long trestle tables to give your party that authentic German feel. Decorate your venue using combinations of cobalt blue and white, which are Bavaria's official colors. If you can get hold of some barrels and unique beer stein for that German beer house feel, the better.

Step 4

Prepare games and music for your guests. Think of unique games to keep your guests entertained – pretzel making contests, beer stein races, barrel races, etc. You can also have musicians play in your events or ask friends who know how to play music to perform for your party. 

Step 5

Prepare at least one or two kegs of beer for your party. Oktoberfest is known for the ever-flowing stream of beer pouring down the mugs of attendees. Make sure you prepare more than enough to keep the festivities going.


  • If you're planning a public Oktoberfest, make sure to promote it through different advertising avenues – online promotion, flyer, or poster distribution, etc. 
  • Always plan in advance and refer to your guest list for your logistic preparations. 
  • You can check the Bavaria's Oktoberfest history to know more about their culture and tradition. Do some research online so you can run an Oktoberfest party in no time.  

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