How To: Set up a hayride

Set up a hayride

Take a break from the city and treat your friends and family to some good old-fashioned fun.
You Will Need
* A route through fields and woods
* A pickup truck, or tractor with trailer
* Firewood
* Marshmallows
* Hot dogs
* 1 to 2 dozen bales of hay
* A clear night
* Friends and family
* Snacks (optional)
* Blankets (optional)

WARNING: Don't allow small children to ride unaccompanied in a truck bed or trailer, and never exceed 10 miles per hour.

Step 1: Find a trail
Find a suitable route, like a dirt road with little to no traffic, or a drivable trail through wooded areas and fields. The route should be long enough to drive 5 to 10 miles per hour for half an hour or more.

Step 2: Get a tractor
Get a vehicle for the ride. It should have the capacity for several bales of hay and be able navigate the trail. A pickup truck will work, but a tractor with an open top trailer is best.

Step 3: Test the trail
Designate a driver. Have them drive the route beforehand to make sure the trailer can handle the bumps and curves.

Step 4: Set up the campfire
Set up a spot around the midpoint to light a campfire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

Step 5: Load the hay
Cover the bottom of the truck bed or trailer with a layer of hay bales. Place another layer of bales lengthwise down the center, forming a bench in the middle of the bed or trailer.

Load some snacks for the ride, plus hot chocolate and blankets if it's chilly.

Step 6: Drive the trail
Gather your friends and family on a clear night at the start of the route. When they're situated comfortably, ease down the trail and soak up the tranquility of a peaceful hayride.

Fact: A 1,000-pound horse eats at least 20 pounds of hay and other roughage per day.

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